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    EPMC Europe Crane Solutions is an established name in the world of onshore and offshore cranes. This is not surprising since EPMC Europe Crane Solutions (Engineering, Projects, Maintenance en Consultancy) has been offering its services since 1 January 1990. Besides the installation, reparation, overhaul, service, maintenance and automation of onshore and offshore cranes we also supply new cranes, all types of hoisting gear and all the parts and spare parts you can think of. This is why EPMC Europe Crane Solutions is your reliable partner for crane solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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    The offshore cranes and dredging cranes are a separate discipline at EPMC Europe Crane Solutions. The requirements for these types of cranes are significantly higher due to the often difficult and demanding conditions in which these cranes are used. Have a look under Projects for more information!


    Concrete Industry

    Many of the cranes supplied by EPMC Europe Crane Solutions are used in the concrete industry. These cranes are used in some very demanding conditions but EPMC Europe Crane Solutions’s expertise means that our clients can be assured that their cranes remain reliable throughout! Have a look under Projects for more information!


    Steel Industry

    Cranes are indispensable for shipyards and steel processing companies. These cranes have to be reliable and, above all, safe. EPMC Europe Crane Solutions has made an impressive name for itself when it comes to cranes in this sector. Have a look under Projects for more information!


    Waste Processing

    The cranes from EPMC Europe Crane Solutions can hold their own in the waste processing industry too, even when used 24 hours a day if necessary. We are happy to help you with advice and the maintenance, rebuilding and engineering of your crane in the waste processing industry. Have a look under Projects for more information!



    The transhipment of goods is big business in the Netherlands. This sector regularly makes use of the services provided by EPMC Europe Crane Solutions in the port areas of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We are at your service, 24 hours a day! Have a look under Projects for more information!



    Assembly is a discipline in itself that requires specific solutions. Fortunately, EPMC has all the necessary expertise to help you find the best possible solution and take care of the installation and maintenance. Have a look under Projects for more information!


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