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    Crane of the future € on request

    Make your crane ready for the future!

    Technology that gets the most out of your crane, for less money and with less risk

    Remaining life:
    Lifetime monitoring compliant with multiple international standards. (Safe Working Period)
    LiftLog; the world's best-selling data logging system.

    Skew protection:
    Prevent problems before they can occur. Work safer and save unnecessary costs.

    Accurate load display:
    Enlightening in multiple ways.

    Multi zone load protection:
    Protect your crane against overloads.

    Wireless communication:
    Easy communication between multiple hoists and cranes for tandem operation, or between your crane and the shop floor.

    Remote monitoring:

    HoistNet provides real-time reporting, alerts and prognostics for your crane. HoisNet is available for all Sole Digital products.

    Load transducers:

    Low-threshold load measurement, with high precision. Wireless communication possible

    Access control:

    Decide who can work with which equipment. Personal passes with different degrees of access.

    Remote Monitoring - Liftlog € on request

    Crane solutions for the future:

    EPMC introduces the LiftLog.
    Last period the EA&D department (Engineering, Automation&Drives) became familiar with the product LiftLog from the Australian company Sole Digital. After requesting and exchanging information, we ordered several copies. As a proud importer we now have these running to the full satisfaction of our and various customers.

    What does the LiftLog do?
    The Liftlog DX is a residual life and load spectrum data logger for cranes that records all lifting movements but also cat and crane driving movements. The unit uses the downloaded data to calculate the remaining life of the hoist.

    We already have in our package the overload protection devices from Airpes. The models ALE100 , and ALM100 (with black-box) are in many a crane of our customers. The LiftLog is basically a simpler, and especially in dimensions (23mm wide and DIN rail mounted) a smaller device than the ALM100. This LiftLog has fewer inputs and outputs but does have the ability to access them remotely, simply from the shop floor. Via bluetooth you can access the LiftLog with your laptop. Functions like setting, calibrating and reading can be done without an access platform. Of course it will never be free of an access platform, it has to be built in.

    When using the Link-4 box, you can access up to 99 LiftLog's (read: cranes) within 200 metres of the box via the world wide web. Via the online customized page, the customer can keep track of all sorts of things here. The number of times the crane has been in nuisance, number of starts, operating hours etc. The LiftLog also counts down the SWP time, if correctly set up, and can even calculate backwards from the crane's delivery date.

    In addition to the LiftLog, EPMC also provides several nice solutions that can be accessed/viewed remotely.

    Skew detection;
    Contact exchange between "master" and "slave" cranes when working in tandem;
    Steel wire load cells;
    AccessPack (personal key to gain access to a crane by means of a card)
    Bluetooth displays for weight indication etc..
    A nice solution for the thorough and simple monitoring of various components of a crane.

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